Video tools

Focus settings

Choose between different focus areas.
1: Player focus down area.
2: Player right eye focus area.
3: Player left eye focus area.
4: Player focus area.
5: Click or Touch the focus area and hold down the left mouse button or by touching the focus area. To be able to move/drag the areas around.

Drawing settings

Choose between [RED/BLUE/BLACK] line colors.
1: Deactivate drawing
2: Dashed line with arrow symbol. 
3: Dashed line. 
4: Solid line.
5: Solid line with arrow symbol.
6: Solid line with block symbol.
7: Dashed line with block symbol.
8: Solid line with stop symbol.
9: Dashed line with stop symbol.

Video track tools

Player left or right rotation

When you have added either left or right [player eye focus area] on to the scene. Then do the following:

1: You can rotate the [player eye focus area] by clicking on the [player eye focus area]. the focus area will make a short flash indicating that it has been chosen. Now hold down the rotation button until you reach your desired focus area angle.

Delete graphics

Delete all video graphics from the video layer.

Auto delete graphics when playing the video clip

1: This setting is set by default to [ON].
2: Click on the control to disable auto delete graphics.

Video editor and export file types:

1: [.json]: Videotracklist used in VideoCutter tool
2: Video format: .WEBM. 
3: [.vt]: Videotracklist used in video.

Video editor and import file types

1: Video format: .MP4.
2: Video format: .WEBM.
3: [.vt]: Videotracklist used in video. 

Export video tracks

Export all the video tracks. The video track file is being used by the VideoCutter when producing video clips.
Filetype: [.json].

Produce video

Court view:
1: A video based on your play sequence is automatically recorded as video. If it is made in advance.

2: If a play sequence has not been made in advance. You can move and throw the ball while the video is being recorded.

Video view: Only supported for PC/Laptop
3: Produce video clip, based on selected video track.

4: Use the Desktop version.

Edit video time

1: Edit [Video from] by clicking on the small up and down arrows.

2: Edit [Video to] by clicking on the small up and down arrows.

3: Click on the time capture button to save a new video clip.

4: Press the play button when finished editing the time.

Delete video track

Delete selected video track.

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